Madeleine during composition of Fibres
flûte (alto/piccolo), alto, guitare 10 cordes

commande de HOT 3 avec le soutien de la Committée suédoises des bourses artistiques, Konstnärsnämnden
création: 5.12.2006 à Nybrokajen, Stockholm
HOT 3: Terje Thiwång, Torbjörn Helander, Stefan Östersjö
éditeur: Svensk Musik

Fibres has to do with spinning a thread. A horisontal line is stretched throughout the whole piece , spinned by the three instruments who takes over from each other to keep it lively in different ways. The 10-stringed guitar with its four extra bass-strings, cross sometimes the line in suddenly vertical falls. The flute and the viola have also burst-out gestures, but the line never breaks: Fibres is almost without pauses. The audible, fragile thread is further exposed by the fact that the musicians are placed out in a wide triangle, the guitar in its back point.

Madeleine Isaksson