In quarto

drawing by Jean-Louis Garnell: like nearly transparent bodies moving around in water
flute quartet

In quarto for flute quartet (piccolo, flutes in C, alto flute and bass flute)
commission for the flute quartet 40f with support from Swedish Arts Council
first performance: 2.9.2016, Växjö Konsthall, Sweden

publisher: Svensk Musik


In In quarto the four flutists are individually related to each other and the space.
In different tempi, they soundlingly approach each other from different places.
Involvements and exchanges occur on stage until the flutists remove again,
continuing their individual paths somewhere, maybe in other directions ...

The title In quarto is a technical term used in book binding.
Folding a big printed sheet of paper in two, then in four, one obtains 8 pages.
The global score consists of 8 pages - 8 minutes - overstepped on the walking path.


Madeleine Isaksson