photo: high wooden sculptures, Celan, last book of poems by Katarina Frostenson
violin, piano, (korean) percussion

 Luftstegen (the Air Steps)

commission for the trio Karin Hellqvist (violin), Heloisa Amaral (piano) and Sori Choi (percussion)
with support from Swedish Arts Council

first performance: 12.8.2018 at Kalv Festival, Sweden
publisher: Svensk Musik 

"I walk in a form, a fuming ..." (free translated from swedish). So begins the poem En form by the swedish poet Katarina Frostenson, from Sju grenar, "Seven branches", W&W, 2018).
The piece is written in a very slow, elastic pulse. But inside this membrane, rapide gestures, melody fragments and rhythmic patterns appear, carried by deep timbre lines, formed like a bowl ...

Madeleine Isaksson