photo: high wooden sculptures, Celan, last book of poems by Katarina Frostenson
violin, piano, (korean) percussion

 Luftstegen (the Air Ladder / Steps)

commission for the trio Karin Hellqvist (violin), Heloisa Amaral (piano) and Sori Choi (percussion)
with support from Swedish Arts Council

first performance: 12.8.2018 at Kalv Festival, Sweden
publisher: Svensk Musik 

"I walk in a form, a fuming ..." (free translated from swedish). So begins the poem En form by the swedish poet Katarina Frostenson, from Sju grenar, "Seven branches", W&W, 2018).
The piece is written in a very slow, elastic pulse. But inside this membrane, rapide gestures, melody fragments and rhythmic patterns appear, carried by deep timbre lines, formed like a bowl ...

Madeleine Isaksson