Ici est ailleurs (Here is Elsewhere)

Triptych "M 96" Three photos: A landscape, a pregnant woman, light coming in through the window creating a white frame
flute, violin, viola, cello, double bass, percussion

commission: Swedish Radio
first performance: 8 .5.2001 at Nybrokajen, Stockholm
KammarensembleN, conductor: Michael Bartosch
publisher: Svensk Musik

Ici est ailleurs [Here Is Elsewhere] for flute, percussion, violin, viola, cello and double bass was composed out of a form tableau, inspired by a photographic work by artist Jean-Louis Garnell, the triptych M 96. I chose to call these three pictures (in French) Ici - est - ailleurs, (in Swedish) Här - är - annorstädes, [Here - Is - Elsewhere]. These basic parts are surrounded by an introduction (Prologue) and two interludes: Intervalle 1 and 2. When folded horizontally and vertically, each movement contains its contrary mirror, Ici/Ailleurs and Ailleurs/Ici. The encounter takes place in Est, as in the flowing movement which introduce and conclude the work. In Ici the string trio, violin, viola and cello play the main part, the double bass and flute are of secondary importance. In Ailleurs the relationship is reversed. A similar relationship is found in Intervalle 1 och 2. The percussion is present throughout the piece, but plays a main part in Est where the horizontal replaces the vertical range and role play of the other movements. The bilingual title refers to the state when living in and between several cultures and languages simultaneously. Ici est ailleurs was composed in 1998 as a commission from the Swedish Broadcasting Company for KammarensembleN. This work is dedicated to Swedish musicologist Bo Wallner.

Madeleine Isaksson