Graphe Petersen
five percussionists


Commissioned by Musique d'Aujourd'hui / Musique Démesurées for the ensemble Percutonic, led by Attilio Terlizzi at Clermont Conservatory.

Premier: 8th of November 2022 at the festival Musiques Démesurées in Clermont-Ferrand.

Publisher: Svensk Musik

In this piece for five percussionists, I was inspired by the word graph, which in mathematics can be defined as a set of pairs of elements that verify a relationship, as in the image of the Petersen graph, which represents five "nodes" inside surrounded by five others, all linked together.
On stage one can imagine this constellation of five musicians and the sounds that circulate between them: two couples with similar instruments, timpani for one, marimba for the other, and a vibraphone, almost a soloist. In addition, there are some other percussion instruments.

Madeleine Isaksson