Fält premiered by Karolina Öhman

durata: 12'

Fält (Field(s) was composed for the cellist Karolina Öhman with support by the Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation.

premiere: 22.03.2023 by Karolina Öhman during the Swedish Music Spring Festival at Stockholm Concert Hall. 

publisher: Svensk Musik


Fält (Field(s), composed for the cellist Karolina Öhman, is my second solo piece for strings after the violin solo Tjälen går ur jorden (Soil frost thawing) from 2020.
Both solos have the horizontal, the outstretched for the eyes - field(s). When composing the violin solo, I was inspired by the artist Anselm Kiefer's watercolour Aller Tage Abend / Aller Abende Tag which shows a ploughed field covered in snow. 
The image and the word field have remained in my mind and took on a new meaning when I started thinking about the cello solo just over a year ago, with its updated associations.

Fält is organised in four parts, usually linked by common end- and beginning notes. One can consider the piece as a fourfold field in which the music moves and where different moods are evoked.
(Translated from swedish) Madeleine Isaksson

Fält - score.pdf (762.04 KB)