Écrits sur l'eau

In wawes
piano solo

Commission by Radio France for the pianist Maroussia Gentet

Recorded 15.12.2020 at the Auditorium of Radio France.
Broadcasted on France Musique in the program Carrefour de la création, January 24, 2021 .
Premiered  04.07.2021 by Maroussia Gentet at the International Competition of piano in Orléans, France.


"The composition for solo piano, Écrits sur l’eau (Writings on Water), mixes the notions of traces, of reminiscences of human life, those endless distances, returns and disappearances in the water of time (the tide)."

Écrits sur l'eau was selected by the international jury for the festival World New Music Days 2021 in Shanghai/Nanning.

Video: Écrits sur l'eau (1)