Capsuled Time

Transparent glasforms with white and black pigments
flute (bass, alto), clarinet (bass, in Bb), percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello

commission: Norrbottenmusiken for the ensemble Norrbotten Neo (NNEO)
world premiered during a concert tour in Luleå, Piteå, at Stockholm Concert Hall in Östersund and Umeå, Sweden 12-19.10.2021

publisher: Svensk Musik


The septet Capsuled Time (2021) is structured in five slow parts, contrasted by four fast parts in which the piano and the percussion play a prominent role. The slow parts become progressively shorter, leaning towards the fast parts, which become longer. 

The title Capsuled time refers to composed, musical time that envelops different time movements and moods, influenced by a very special period: the Covid pandemic 2021and its lock- and slowdowns, when time in the otherwise intense society seemed to be stretched out in silence, while an underlying feverish anxiety could take over at any time …  

Madeleine Isaksson