saxophone quartet: sopranino, 2 sopranos, baritone

commission: Concerts Sweden
first performance: 6.12.1997 at Musikmuseet, Stockholm
Stockholm Saxophone Quartet
publisher: Svensk Musik

Andelek (Spirit Game) The point of departure for this work written for the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet was a trio with a light, taut sound, a sopranino and two soprano saxophones that through the use of small intervals, like a vibrating thread of energy, strive upwards towards the extremely high registers. The flow of this linear motion is disturbed and enriched, broken apart and welded together, weakened and strengthened throughout different situations, often through a variety of resulting multiphonics that create an instability, open new harmonic fields and sudden dark holes where source tones are discovered. The need to feel restful base register in the midst of this feverish upwards-striving, light body of sound gave the baritone sax a natural place in the work - a demanding and exposed place.

Madeleine Isaksson (Translation : George Kentros) 

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