Rei Munakata conduct the première of Infiltrations and ensemble Gageego! in Gothenburg Orchestral Hall.


09.12 Span (version 2), premiered by Karin Nelson, organ, Kalmar Cathedral, Sweden
06.12 Écrits sur l'eau (parts) Maroussia Gentet, piano, CNSM, Salle d'orgue, Paris
28.11 Écrits sur l'eau (parts) Maroussia Gentet, piano, Salle Cortot, Paris
15.11 Fält Karolina Öhman, cello, Riehen, Switzerland
11.11 Écrits sur l'eau  (parts ) Anna Christensson, piano, The Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm
27.09 Vindande (premiere), members of Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Berwaldhallen Stockholm
04.08 Écrits sur l'eau (parts) Maroussia Gentet, piano, Festival Ondes Classiques,Thairé, Charente-Maritime
29.07 Écrits sur l'eau (parts) Maroussia Gentet, piano, Festival Les Nuits d'été Aiguebelette, Savoie
23.07 Écrits sur l'eau (parts) Maroussia Gentet, piano, Les Fieffés musiciens Cherbourg-en-Cotentin
09.07 Écrits sur l'eau (parts) Maroussia Gentet, piano, Festival en Blanc et Noir  Lagrasse, Aude, France
25.06 Fält Karolina Öhman, cello K-Haus, Basel, Switzerland
20.05 Span Karin Nelson, organ Gothenburg Concert Hall
25.03 Capsuled Time ensemble NNEO Museum of History Stockholm
23.03 Capsuled Time ensemble NNEO, Halmstad 
22.03 Fält (premiere) Karolina Öhman cello Stockholm Concert Hall

Nouveau CD: Les sept vallées with Kerstin Frödin (recorders)

08.12 Blad över blad / Feuille sur feuille Halcyon ensemble Summer Hill Church Sydney, Australia
20.11 Les sept vallées Camille Aubry, recorders, Festival Présence Compositrices Toulon, France
08.11 Graphe (premiere) ensemble Percutonic, Attilio Terlizzi Festival Musique Demeésurées Clermont-Ferrand
21.10 Infiltrations (premiere) ensemble Gageego!, Rei Munakata, and the trio Fibres at Gothenburg International Organ Festival
15.10 Sondes ensemble Gageego, Rei Munakata, Gothenburg Concert House
19.10 Ambo Anders Jonhäll, flute and Genivève Martineau, violin, Studio 2 at Berwaldhallen, Stockholm
17.08 Écrits sur l'eau Maroussia Gentet, piano, Festival Klasik, Rostrenen, France
04.08 Écrits sur l'eau Maroussia Gentet,  the International Piano Festival of La Roque d'Anthéron, France
13.05 Tjälen går ur jorden Karin Hellqvist, violin, Konserthuset Stockholm

The piano solo Écrits sur l'eau has been selected to the festival World New Music Days 2021 in Shanghai - Nanning.

New CD: Hidden Voices by ensemble Lipparella including Hemligheten (The Secret)

17.10 Span (première) Karin Nelson inauguration of the new organ in the Gothenburg Concert Hall
12-19.10 Capsuled time (première) ensemble NNEO in Luleå, Piteå Stockholm Concert Hall Östersund, Umeå, Sweden

04.09 Écrits sur l'eau Maroussia Gentet, piano, Royaumont Festival, France
1-3.09 Tornio (Flows) (première) by Norrbotten Chamber Orchestra in Piteå, Luleå and in Haparanda (Sweden)
10.08 Écrits sur l'eau Maroussia Gentet, piano, Festival Piano at Saint Ursanne, France
01.08 Tjälen går ur jorden (premiere) by the violinist Karin Hellqvist at Vendsyssel Festival Aalborg, Denmark
13.07 Écrits sur l'eau Maroussia Gentet, piano,festival En Blanc et Noir Lagrasse, France
04.07 Écrits sur l'eau Maroussia Gentet, piano, Orléans France
24.01 Écrits sur l'eau (creation) Maroussia Gentet, piano, at Maison de Radio France, presentation and broadcasting on France Musique: Carrefour de la création


New CD: Kammarensemblen VI including Springkällor - soundfile available

09.03: Participate at the Presentation Day of new swedish Chamber Music with the piece Isär, performed by NNEO at the Concert Hall in Stockholm.


Recieves the Rosenberg Award 2018 from the Swedish Composers Society (FST)
Elected as foreign member of the The Royal Swedish Academy of Music

14.11: Terre de l'absence with Vocal Art at Nordic Music Days 2019, Norway
12.10: Blad över blad/Feuille sur feuille premiered by Halcyon in Sydney, Australia
26.07Luftstegen performed in Seoul, South Korea
17.07: Musique au Chateau Fontainebleau Journée de la composition, France
master-class and concert with string trio Traces, performed by Hae-Sun Kang, Jack Stulz and Diana Ligeti
29.05: Därimellan (Amber Evans and Neil Beckmann), New York
19.02: Les sept vallées is performed by students from CRR at Médiathèque Musicale de Paris
17.02Hemligheten at festival ProvinzLärm, Germany
04.02: ensemble Lipparella performs Hemligheten at Khimaira in Stockholm, Sweden


21.12 students from CRR Paris perform Les sept vallées in concerts at CRR Paris
7/8.11 inné played by Lapland Chamber Orchestra and Puhallinkvintetto, conducted by John Storgårds, in Kittilä Church and Korundi, Finland
19.10 In Quarto  with the flute quartet 40f, Konstepedemien, Göteborg, Sweden
17.10 Springkällor with KammarensembleN  in Norrköping, Sweden
16.10 Springkällor with KammarensembleN at Fylkingen, Stockholm
14.10 the flute quartet In Quarto during the Kvast festival, at Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden 
25/26.08 Springkällor with KammarensembleN at Ekerö and in Stockholm (Nybrokajen), Sweden
12.08 first performance of Luftstegen for Duo Hellqvist/Amaral and Sori Choi at Kalv festival, Sweden
13/14/15.07 first performance of Trembles for double bass ensemble, Vouillé, France
06.04 the string quartet Stråkvåg at Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden
09.03 first performance of Springkällor for improvising pianist, Arne Forsén,  and KammarensembleN at Stockholm Concert Hall during the festival Svensk Musikvår, Sweden


Composer in Residence by Gävle Symphony Orchestra
new CD: KammarensembleN 4 by Blue music groups

15.10 Isär with Aventa Ensemble at Vancouver Island, Canada
08.11 Isär with Aventa Ensemble at World New Music Days, ISCM festival, Vancouver, Canada
07.11 first performance of Traces for Zilliacus Persson Raitinen String Trio at Stockholm Concert Hall
01.10 Várije (Towards the Mountains) at South Bank Centre, London
29.09 EXAUDI performs Ciels at Southbank Centre London
19.09 Les sept vallées played by Robin Troman at festival Cap à l'Est 2017 Slovenia
06.06 Pierre-André Valade conduct Isär with London Sinfonietta London
21.04 Ljusrymd (Space of Light) Gävle Symphony Orchestra, Bollnäs Culture House, Sweden
20.04 first performance of Ljusrymd (Space of Light) Gävle Symphony Orchestra, Gävle Concert Hall, Sweden
17.04 ensemble sonas KUNE plays inné Luxembourg
15.04 ensemble sonas KUNE plays inné Amsterdam
27.01 Isär, Norrbotten NEO, Piteå: Studio Acousticum, Sweden
26.01 Isär, Norrbotten NEO, Petter Sundkvist Norrbotten NEO Jubilee, Luleå: Kulturens hus, Sweden


30.11 Caroline Delume performs Far... for alto guitar and electronics in Paris, France
25.11 first performance of Bridges for brass and percussion Gävle Symphony Orchestra, Sweden
20.11 40f performs In quarto in Rissa, Norway
22.10 In quarto at Specs On! Festival, Berlin, Germany
02.09 first performance of In quarto for the flute quartet 40f, Växjö Konsthall, Sweden
15.08 Tång played by Århus Sinfonietta at UNM Festival, Aarhus, Denmark


11.12 Ici est ailleurs, KammarensembleN, Franck Ollu, Stockholm, Sweden
04.12 färde, Matts Arnberg, violin / Katarina Harg, piano, Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden
30.09 Ciels, World Music Days 2015, Slovenia
20.09 Dans l'air, Gemma ensemble, Årsta Church, Stockholm, Sweden
22.08 Failles, Das Orchester, festival Le bruit de la musique, France
30.05 Isär, Gageego!, Beijing Modern Music Festival, China
07.04 Tjärnöga - Ö blå, Mathew James, Chicago, United States
14.03 Isär, Norrbotten NEO, Pierre-André Valade French Connection, Luleå, Kulturens hus, Sweden
13.03 Isär, Norrbotten NEO, Pierre-André Valade French Connection, Piteå, Studio Acousticum, Sweden


03.08 Vide supra, duo Gelland, Korsholm Music Festival, Finland
01.08 Vide supra, duo Gelland, Norrlandsoperan, Umeå, Sweden, first performance
21/22.02 Hemligheten, for ensemble Lipparella (recorder, counter-tenor, violin, viola da gamba and teorbo), Stockholm, first performance
01.02 Várije, for the children's choir and children's yoik chorus Umeå 2014 European Capital of Culture, first performance


New CD: New Sweden Diptychon - Norrbotten NEO plays six compositions by six swedish composers.

11.08 Les sept vallées, Kerstin Frödin, Kalv-festivalen 2013, Svenljunga, Sweden
03.08 Ciels, Nordic Voices, "Staufener Musikwoche 2013, Breisgau, Germany
22.03 Ambo with Curious Chamber Players, festival Vårflod, Stockholm, Sweden
08.03 first performance of Terre de l'absence, commission by Nordic Voices, Oslo International Church Music Festival 2013 , Norway


Järnåker Award 2012 for the piece Les sept vallées composed for recorder.

12.12 Flux with Stockholm Chamber Brass in Hannover, Germany
11.12 Isär with Norrbotten NEO, Korpilombolo, Sweden
05.12 Isär with Norrbotten NEO at Center for 21st Century Music, Buffalo, United States 
02.12 Isär with Norrbotten NEO, Embassy of Sweden, Washington, United States
03.11 Sondes with the ensemble E-XXI at World Music Days 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium 
12.10 Isär with NNEO at festival Nordic Music Days 2012, Stockholm, Sweden 
11.09 first performance of Flux for brass quintet during the Signal Brass Festival Gävle, Sweden
14.08 Ciels, part I and IV, with Nordic Voices in Altafulla, Spain 
11.08 Ciels, part I and IV, with Nordic Voices at Chan Centre For The Performing Arts, Vancouver, Canada 
29.06 first performance of Far... for alto guitar and electronics by Stefan Östersjö at Båstad Chamber Festival, Sweden
29.06 Ciels, part I and IV, with Nordic Voices at Båstad Chamber Festival, Sweden
25.05 Ciels, part I and IV, with Nordic Voices at Hardanger Musikfest, Norway.
11.05 Isär with NNEO at MADE-festival 2012, Umeå, Sweden 
20.04 first performance of Isär by the ensemble NNEO New Sweden, in Piteå, Luleå (22.4) and in Stockholm (25.4)