orchestre: 2222/423/ timb. + perc/cordes

Ljusrymd (Espace de lumière)

commande de l'Orchestre Symphonique de Gävle
création: 20.04.2017 à Gävle Concert Hall, Suède, chef d'orchestre: Giedrė Šlekytė
éditeur: Svensk Musik

Programme note:

between earth and light

The orchestra piece Ljusrymd follows a slow movement from earth to light, from dark resonances to light openings. It can delay at a kind of plateaux, refract against sudden falls, been replaced or opened to another sound space.In this movement there is an uninterrupted shift between relaxation and rest, high tension and blinding, where attempts to fixation or repetition constantly must be abondoned: nothing can be for ever, all is changing.

Ljusrymd consists of a short and slow introduction, two longer parts (A and C), both but differently, having an elastic web of time that sometimes accumulates in pulsatory sections, sometimes broks down in falls, to hereafter moving upwards - towards the light. They are separated by a short, repetitive and increasingly dancing movement (B). The initially very slow and searching part C goes through most of the previous shifts, but opens to a more steady and rhythmic light game until - a farewell falls out: as the light falls on earth for a uncertain time.

Madeleine Isaksson